With proper care you can enjoy quality down products for many years. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines to help you care for and maintain your down products. If this information is not readily available, try the following:

DOWNMARK® products: Locate the manufacturer’s contact information in our membership directory and contact them directly to obtain the special care instructions for your item.

Other products: See if the product has a label that identifies the manufacturer’s name and/or contact information. If you don’t know who the manufacturer is, check the CA identification number on the Competition Bureau website. 


Can down be washed?
Typically yes, down products can be washed but this can vary based on the manufacturer’s specific care instructions. Always check the care guidelines for your specific item to ensure you are taking care of your product based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Can I dry clean my down product?

Yes, but always remember to check the special care instructions to ensure dry cleaning is recommended for your down item.

If dry cleaning is suitable, then be sure to select a reputable dry cleaning service that has experience working with down products.

How do I clean my featherbed?

Featherbeds are often very difficult to clean due to their weight and bulk. It’s very important to use a protector to keep your featherbed as clean as possible to help extend its life. For the best results, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and cleaning.

Can I protect my down products during everyday use?

Absolutely! If possible, we recommend using protectors and covers to help safeguard your down products from stains and other damage.

Keeping your down product protected and clean will absolutely help to extend its life so you can enjoy it for years to come.

What is the best way to store my down product?

It’s important to not compress your down item for extended lengths of time. This includes placing heavy objects on top.

For best results, store your down product in a breathable bag (not plastic) in a dry location, and free from other items stored on top. After storage, be sure to shake the item to help the down reloft to its original condition.