Down√Check is a marketplace surveillance program that helps Canadian consumers buy genuine, high quality down and feather products. On an ongoing basis, DOWNMARK® purchases down and feather items from retailers – both brick and mortar locations and online marketplaces – and sends them to an independent lab for testing.

As consumers can’t check the down and feather fill hidden inside a finished item, our Down√Check program helps verify what products are made of and whether the packaging claims are true – enabling Canadians to buy genuine, high quality down and feather products with confidence.

Our process involves shopping at the same retail locations that most Canadians shop, and buying the same packaged products that any consumer can purchase. We test products that consumers are likely to encounter.

While many products pass testing, there are also many items that fail. These failed items are the ones that we want to help consumers avoid. If a product fails testing, we file the information with the Competition of Bureau Canada, the government agency responsible for enforcing the labelling of down and feather filled products under the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations and the Competition Act.

This agency ensures fair competition and provides consumers with accurate product choices by investigating false and misleading representations on packaging, labelling, or in advertisements.

The trouble is, we can’t test everything. So there are always items that we have not looked at. The only products we can recommend are those that have gone through the DOWNMARK® certification process.