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DOWNMARK® is the globally recognized symbol of quality issued by the Down Association of Canada, a non-profit organization committed to helping consumers buy genuine down products with confidence. For over 40 years, we have been the trusted source for information and the only independent group in Canada serving to educate consumers, support the development of the highest quality standards and promote ethical harvesting practices.

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Down is by far the best insulating material that is used for clothing, bedding, sleeping bags and furniture. It has a natural ability to provide warmth, while wicking away body moisture. With proper care and maintenance, it can last you a lifetime. Learn all about down and feather, and discover the many benefits of this natural, renewable, and reusable material and how DOWNMARK’s commitment to sustainability ensures you that you can enjoy down and feather products for years to come.

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Access our informative resources to learn more about the down and feather industry, discover helpful tips for buying quality down and feather products, and how to properly take care of your items to ensure you can enjoy them for years to come. Check out our FAQ page to get answers to the most commonly asked questions. These resources will give you the information you need to be well-informed when you make your next down and feather product purchase.

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Down and feather are great materials that offer many great benefits. Unfortunately, high demand for down and feather products has opened the door to fraudulent products with an increasing number of retailers trying to pass off substandard items as genuine. DOWNMARK® is committed to ensuring consumers are protected. We regularly test products and issue alerts to make consumers aware of differences in product claims. Learn more about our Down√check program, the types of fraud in the market today, and the latest fraud alerts we’ve issued to help you avoid fake and/or misleading products.

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In this section you will find retailers that carry DOWNMARK® certified products. Click through and you will find different product categories. Choose what you are looking for and you will see a list of manufacturers. Go to their retailer directory to find a nearby store. Between the different manufacturers there are hundreds of listings all across Canada and the United States, which can be sorted by location. Remember that a retail store may carry other products that are not certified, so make sure the product you choose carries the DOWNMARK®.




In this section you will find the members of the Down Association of Canada. Those that manufacture products in Canada have qualified for DOWNMARK® certification. There are also members that are part of the industry by supplying services or materials to manufacturers. All of these members support a healthy, transparent industry, which includes advocating for consumer rights, and testing the marketplace for deceptive items. This aids the Competition Bureau of Canada and Provincial Governments to identify fraudulent merchandise.

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