Stay cozy and warm while confidently buying Canadian Down this season

With the weather starting to turn and the holiday season approaching, most of us go through the annual process of searching through closets and linen chests to pull out winter wares. We often realize some our favourite old jackets or biggest, comfiest duvets need replacing, and a shopping trip is soon to follow.

Down products, though always challenged by synthetics, are still pound for pound the best choices when it comes to warmth. Though not all products are created equal, making informed decisions is important in this niche product class in order to ensure you get exactly what you pay for.

To make sure you get value for your money, several important aspects must be considered before making a down purchase.

First and foremost, sustainably and ethically sourced products are often the prime concern for the informed consumer. Canadian down and feather is a 100 per cent by-product that is harvested humanely under controlled and strictly regulated conditions.

Locally grown, sourced and manufactured products are becoming increasingly popular with customers, as support for local businesses and local jobs are an important consideration for many.

In the age of online shopping and direct-drop shipping, protection against counterfeit, poorly manufactured and misleading goods, especially those produced outside of the country in low-cost jurisdictions, is something a cognizant shopper is particularly weary about.

Finally, value shopping for quality products that last as opposed to disposable, short-term use items has become of particular importance in reducing our carbon footprint and consumption of valuable resources.

When it comes to staying warm, whether it be indoors or out, you have many locally produced down-filled options to choose from, manufactured in our country and using local, sustainably and ethically sourced materials.

To be sure, you’ll always want to check the government material label and look for the down or feather products that fill your item. And for further confidence in your purchase, the Down Association of Canada, a non-profit association of Canadian product manufacturers that use down and feathers, has a Downmark sewn in label that it provides to its members. This informs consumers that the product is manufactured in Canada, contains the correct fill that is claims and is ethically sourced.

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Nationally Published Fall 2018