Welcome to our Downmark® Blog


Our association is active both in Canada and Internationally.

We stay involved in worldwide topics about down and feather such as sustainability, ethical sourcing, environmental footprint, animal welfare, government guidelines and proper labelling.

We hope to provide consumers with facts and industry knowledge that will help to both educate about down and feather as a natural material and de-mystify confusing terminology.

We want to offer consumers the information they need to learn about when researching down and feather products:

  • Down and feather properties: what is important to consider?

  • How do you rank these properties when looking at what is best for you

  • Know what to concentrate on when researching to buy

  • What sources to trust

  • How to sort through conflicting information

We encourage all consumers to ask questions because we feel it is important to exercise due diligence investigations for buying.

Research is key to finding what is the best item that will suit your individual needs.

Our aim is to help consumers gain clarity and awareness of down and feather knowledge plus spark questions to advance an educated purchase choice.

We care about down and feather filled products that you can trust!

That’s why our founding members created this non-profit association and initiated the DOWNMARK® label program for consumers.